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Workshops by Cheryl Lam and the Rainbow Artisan will be held at ION Art for the public (registration required) on 3, 4 & 6 December. In addition, workshops were led in November by batik master Sujak Rahman at Tasek Jurong Artlab for their Junior and Senior children.

Plasticine Painting by Cheryl Lam

Often thought of as just a children’s plaything, the versatile medium of plasticine can be elevated to create vibrant and realistic art pieces. In this session, participants are given a mess-free opportunity to learn how to mix and match colours to create their own postcard sized artwork. Through this process, participants will also learn basic clay sculpting methods.

Suitable for ages 6 & above.

Price: $25 includes materials

Sat 3 Dec, 4.30pm – 6 pm
Tue 6 Dec, 4.30pm – 6 pm

Eco-casting Workshop by the Rainbow Artisan

Participants can make key-chain charms or phone holders using Jesmonite and bring them home when done.

Suitable for ages 6 & above.

Price: $10 for charms | $20 for phone holders

Sun 4 Dec, 10am – 6pm (runs every hour)

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